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Vorlaufzeit, Liefer oder Abholzeiten werden direkt mit dem Partner nach der Anfrage besprochen.

Minimum 45,00 €


Abholung (ab 45,00 €), Lieferung

I was born in Britain to Indian parents, growing with a dual heritage as well as living in a very diverse cultural environment. This led me to being able to cook a variety of cuisines. Ranging from authentic Indian, English, Jamaica, Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Thai and many more. Over the years I naturally progressed, creating fusion foods and developing layers of flavour profiles and great taste without compromise.
Currently, during these Covid times Caraveggi is offering a variety of online interactive cooking and baking workshops. Be it private groups events, such as work parties or family and friends in much need of a virtual get together where you get to cook or bake and a catch-up and have fun at the same time.
Caraveggi also offers: finger buffet, party food, afternoon tea, street-food style, visiting chef to cook for a party or family / friends.
For food orders we need at least one month prior notice.

Cakes & Pastries

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