Planning Your Vegan Berlin Wedding (step-by-step)

Planning Your Vegan Berlin Wedding (step-by-step)

05/01/2022Alice JohnsonAlice Johnson

Yippee! You’re getting married 🥳 🥂 congratulations!

Now it’s time to organize the best vegan wedding Berlin has ever seen. And, with our help, you’ll have such a successful and emotional day that even your vegan wedding cake will be in tiers 🥁 ba dum tss…

To help you design your special day and prevent it from becoming overwhelming, we have put together a step-by-step guide to plan your vegan Berlin wedding. From the dress to the wedding cake, food catering, decor, hair, clothes, makeup, drinks, and the bouquet, VEGCRAVER has you covered! Our checklist also addresses how to choose a vegan-friendly venue and the perfect cruelty-free wedding ring, as well as where to buy eco-friendly confetti.

Ok, let’s go! Your incredible plant-based marriage awaits…

Step 1. Budget

Easily the most boring part of the process but definitely the most essential! Without a budget, wedding planning can quickly spiral out of control and land you in a whole heap of debt. **Setting your wedding budget beforehand will enable you to make wise decisions. **Tighter budgets can inspire greater creativity, so get your thinking hats on!

Here’s a handy infographic to help you break down your wedding budget:

An infographic demonstrating how to budget for your vegan wedding

Step 2. Enlist your friends and family

Planning a vegan wedding isn’t easy, which means you’re going to need all of the help you can get. Your loved ones will likely be overjoyed to get involved; you can bounce ideas off each other and make wedding planning much more fun. There are also plenty of free wedding planner apps that can help provide inspiration and invaluable planning tools.

Step 3. Pick a vegan-friendly venue and choose a date

When choosing a wedding venue, the last thing you want to discover on your big day is that the place is used as a hunting lodge or is part of a livestock farm. Therefore, it’s important to research ethical wedding venues in or around Berlin. Make sure you research the entirety of the establishment, rather than just the building that will host your marriage. And bear in mind that some venues will insist you use their own caterers, which often offer pretty poor vegan options.

For complete peace of mind, why not book a 100% vegan wedding venue? For example, Kernvoll has its very own plant-based resort in Neukalen, just outside of Berlin. Oh, and they can provide inclusive vegan wedding catering, with food, drinks, and cake! You can request a quote through the VEGCRAVER website:


Wedding guests sat at their tables in a vegan wedding venue watching a musician play

Step 4. Finalize your guest list and send out eco-friendly invites

Your guest list will depend largely on your budget and venue size. We recommend using a spreadsheet to sort your list into two sections:

A. Loved ones you definitely want/need to attend
B. Extended family, friends, and colleagues it would be nice to share your day with

Use your phone’s contact list or your follow list on your social media accounts to help build your guest list and narrow down list B over time.

Once finalized, it’s time to send out the invites. But did you know that some inks used for wedding stationery aren’t vegan? To ensure your save-the-date invites are cruelty-free and to lessen your impact on the environment, you can opt to use eco-friendly stationery that uses plant-based materials.

FLYERALARM has some eco options or you could commission the following brands to create vegan wedding invites:

Oh, and if you’re accepting wedding gifts, don’t forget to specify your vegan registry wishes. Alternatively, ask people to donate to a honeymoon fund or vegan charity!

Step 5. Book a vegan caterer

If you want to wow your guests with amazing vegan wedding food (and maybe convert a few people in the process 😉), then you’re going to want to hire a vegan wedding caterer. They’ll have a greater depth of knowledge about plant-based ingredients and will be able to tailor their menu to your precise needs. No more boring risottos or fruit salads because the caterer doesn't know that exciting vegan food exists!

An eco-friendly wedding menu listing numerous vegan starters, main courses, and desserts

What's more, non-vegan caterers can also be more expensive because they need to buy ingredients they don't usually use (e.g. nutritional yeast, aquafaba, etc.), which means you'll probably save money by going with a fully vegan caterer!

There are plenty of vegan wedding caterers to choose from in Berlin. Check out the Best Vegan Caterers in Berlin to see some examples!


A man wearing a suit (with a dog on his lap) eating a pink raw cake

Step 6. Design the wedding decor and layout

Animal products and unsustainable materials are hidden in a lot of things, including upholstery, wedding bouquets, and decorative candles. Make sure you do some research to ensure that everything is vegan and eco-friendly! For example, you can opt for soy candles instead of beeswax, potted plants instead of plastic replicas or cut flowers, and satin chair wraps instead of silk.

We also recommend checking out these sustainable alternatives to wedding confetti. The VEGCRAVER founders, Roxy and David, used bubbles made from cruelty-free soap for their beautiful vegan Berlin wedding, with big bubble buckets for the guests. Their top tip? You may wish to hide the buckets from the kids, or they might get soaked!

A man blowing cruelty-free bubbles as an alternative to confetti at a wedding in Berlin

Step 7. Hire vegan-friendly wedding vendors

When planning a vegan Berlin wedding, you’ll likely have to consider the following vendors (in addition to the caterers):

  • Musician(s) and/or DJ for the ceremony and wedding reception
  • Photographer and/or videographer - unfortunately, film photography is usually not vegan. However, you could hire a digital photographer and use non-film paper to print out a vegan album.
  • Hair and makeup artist - make sure they use cruelty-free plant-based beauty products. Many of them are open to using your products. However, in this case, a test would be recommended so they know how to use them before the big day. There are some great vegan make-up artists in Berlin though, simply search on any one of the vegan Berlin Facebook groups.
  • Florist
  • Officiant
Bouquets of sustainable flowers on a table decorated for a wedding

Step 8. Choose your cruelty-free wedding dress, shoes, and wedding rings

Silk, cashmere, wool, feathers, suede, and leather…all commonly used animal products used to create wedding dresses and shoes.** Luckily, there are plenty of ethical and sustainable wedding clothes designers nowadays, and many bridal shops stock dresses and shoes that exclusively use vegan materials.** Check out this blog for some of the best animal-friendly outfit options.

Finding an ethical jeweler is another way to ensure no one has to suffer for your wedding day. In today’s more consumer-conscious world, vegan and eco-friendly jewelry (including wedding rings) is far more common than it used to be. **Make sure you opt for rings that don’t use shells, untraceable diamonds and jewels, pearls, or leather. **

The torso of a newlywed bride wearing a vegan wedding dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. The groom is stood behind with his arms entwined around her waist. They are wearing ethical wedding rings and jewellery.

Step 9. Order your vegan wedding cake

Did you know you can order mouthwateringly delicious vegan wedding cakes from some of the best bakers in Berlin? That’s right! Arguably the most important food at a wedding, the cake is the ultimate centerpiece. A vegan baker will be able to create an egg-, honey-, and dairy-free cake to your exact requirements using plant-based alternatives such as aquafaba, vegan milk, applesauce, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and bananas.

The bride is cutting her vegan wedding cake whilst the groom chats to a young flower girl

Step 10. Get married!

Whilst there are tons of additional details you’ll need to consider for the perfect vegan Berlin wedding, we’ve just about covered the basics! If you need more help planning your wedding, don’t forget you can skip back to step 2 and you’ll be supported on your journey whilst having fun in the process.

Weddings often don't go according to plan, even if you've planned everything down to a T. It's entirely normal so just remember to be present in the moment and feel the love! Your guests won’t notice if some things aren’t perfect but they will be blown away by how incredible a vegan wedding can be! Oh, and however much you think you have left to organise, try to relax the day before your vegan wedding so you can arrive on the big day feeling stress-free.

It’s time to eat, drink, and get married.

Congratulations 🥂

Photos: Juli Schneegans Fotografie

A bride and groom are sat by the river, relaxing and enjoying their vegan Berlin wedding

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