The 16 Best Vegan Caterers in Berlin

The 16 Best Vegan Caterers in Berlin

05/01/2022Alice JohnsonAlice Johnson

Once upon a time, it was really difficult trying to find a caterer who offered vegan food in Berlin…

Fast forward to today and there are heaps and heaps of options. Actually, there are currently 16 Berlin vegan caterers (with more of them joining all the time)! And, thanks to VEGCRAVER, it couldn’t be easier to order from them - that's because we've made it our mission to create the biggest possible vegan-only catering and food experience booking platform, so there really are no more excuses or arguments that having a vegan event is not possible 😜

Now you can rest assured that there will be more than just carrot sticks and hummus at your next event! Whether it’s a vegan birthday party, wedding, office lunch, conference, festival, or team-building day, there’s a plant-based caterer waiting to serve you mouthwatering food and drinks.

And we all feasted on delicious plant-based food happily ever after…

The End 🧡

Click on the links below or scroll down for the best vegan caterers in Berlin!

Here are the best Berlin-based vegan caterers:

Thore Hildebrandt serving his plant-based food at a private dinner party

1. Thore Hildebrandt

🏠 Address: Leipziger Straße 54, 10117 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Vegan, vegetarian, zero-waste, bespoke
🍲 Food Services: Private chef, online & offline group events, events catering

If you’re looking for a team-building or group event with a focus on sustainable cuisine, then Thore Hildebrandt is the vegan caterer for you! After a career in banking, Thore gave it all up to stay in a Buddhist monastery and then traveled around the world to rediscover his passion for cooking. Along the way, he learned the importance of sustainable practices and saving food waste from landfill. His biggest strength is his ability to inspire everyone to be creative with the ingredients that we are presented with, whether that’s what’s leftover in your cupboard or food that has been rescued from supermarkets.

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Multi-layered vegan wedding cake

2. Mansfield Park

🏠 Address: Alt-Moabit 138, 10557 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Vegan, sweet treats, baked goods
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up & delivery, events catering

You can’t buy happiness…but you can buy vegan cake! And Mansfield Park certainly knows how to bake incredible cake. Choose between fluffy muffins, sticky cinnamon rolls, crunchy cookies, exquisite cream cakes and much much more (or order them all if you’d like - go on, we won’t judge)!

Mansfield Park can cater for a variety of events based in Berlin including business conferences, weddings and birthdays. They can even bake a cake just for you because these baked goods are just too tasty to share.

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A slice of plant-based pie served at an event catered by Vegan Pies Berlin

3. Vegan Pies Berlin

🏠 Address: Neue Schönhauser Str. 1B, 10178 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Vegan, American-style pies
🍲 Food Services: Delivery, events catering

Pies are so iconic in America that they feature in numerous song titles, the slang for “mouth” is “pie hole”, and the November argument is not whether pie should make an appearance at the dinner table but instead, which pie - pecan or pumpkin?

And, thanks to Vegan Pies Berlin, American-style pies are now available for vegan catering in Germany’s capital! From pecan to peanut butter, cherry, lime and pumpkin, there’s a flavor for every taste and preference. You can buy yours by the slice and try a bit of everything or order entire pies for that special event you’ve been planning.

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A beautifully presented vegan fine dining dish made by Bloom & Echo

4. Bloom & Echo

🏠 Address: Greifswalder Straße 9, 10405 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Vegan, fine dining, cocktails, ferments, bespoke
🍲 Food Services: Catering, workshops, private dinners, cocktail parties

For a truly unique and full sensory food and drinks experience, then Bloom & Echo are the perfect caterers. The beautiful souls that form this collaborative Berlin community of chefs and creatives come from a variety of backgrounds and they all have something unique to share.

Rather than following a set menu, Bloom & Echo tailor each event towards the customer. They start by exploring any themes, passions, or experimental ideas you might have and then work with you to design a menu that is truly special.

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A round of vegan cheese made by Beba, a Berlin vegan caterer

5. Beba Baxter

🏠 Address: Hohenstaufenstraße 64, 10781 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Vegan, raw, fermented, baked goods, seasonal, zero-waste
🍲 Food Services: Catering, workshops, eco-friendly (bike) delivery

No one makes cultured plant-based cheese like Beba Baxter! So, if you’re planning a cheese and wine night in Berlin, then this is the vegan caterer for you. In addition to the cheese, Beba bakes delicious sourdough and sweet treats and creates fresh and seasonal raw dishes.

She is a sustainably-minded chef and mindful in everything she does, which includes avoiding processed foods and plastic packaging. If the order is not too large, she’ll even deliver it to you on her bike!

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A catered platter of plant-based brunch including lots of fresh vegetables, spreads, cheeses, olives and bread

6. Plant Base

🏠 Address: Prenzlauer Allee 208, 10405 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Vegan brunch, cakes, tarts
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up

If you’ve been to visit Plant Base, then you’ll know how delicious their food and drinks are. If you haven’t, then you should - they’re known for making the best vegan brunch in the whole of Berlin! They also bake yummy cakes and tarts.

And now you can order their brunch to eat al fresco! Perhaps you’re planning a picnic in the park? Or a romantic date on the balcony? Whatever the occasion, Plant Base can cater to your needs.

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A multi-course meal served at a vegan wedding

7. MANA Food

🏠 Address: Belziger Straße 34, 10823 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet treats, baked goods
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up & delivery, event space & catering, buffet & wedding cake

MANA Food has a 28 person event space located in Berlin Schöneberg, perfect for birthdays, office parties, and wedding meals. They also offer deliveries. Their food philosophy is centered around fresh and nutritious plant-based ingredients, without having to resort to meat alternatives. The food services offered are incredibly flexible, so feel free to have a chat with them to see what else they can do!

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A box of plant-based sweet treats ready to be delivered to an event

8. Cake What Else

🏠 Address: Kopernikusstraße 35, 10243 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Cakes, cakes, and more cakes (available by slice and whole)
🍲 Food Services: Delivered for any event or occasion

100% raw and 100% organic cakes made using natural vegan ingredients. But how do you make cakes without baking them? With love, care and attention to detail - the proof is in the pudding (dessert)! Cater your next big event or party with these beautifully presented nutritious delights and wow everyone with their incredible depth of flavor.

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Someone holding a charcoal bun vegan burger whilst dining al fresco

9. VEG’D

🏠 Address: Boxhagener Straße 21, 10245 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Burgers, sides, drinks (soft and alcoholic)
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up

Founded by professional DJ Andre Com, VEG’D makes the best vegan burgers in Berlin! With a range of patties to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone - perfect for your next office lunch or garden party. What’s more, this vegan caterer sells beer and soft drinks to wash down your food!

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Manuila, a vegan caterer in Berlin, catering at a private dinner party

10. Nü|Bites

🏠 Address: Lichtenrader Straße, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Bespoke gourmet food
🍲 Food Services: Events catering, recipe development, workshops

Colorful, exquisite and exciting. That’s how we would describe the food made by Berlin-based vegan caterer, Nü|Bites. Available for private dinner parties and one-to-one or group workshops, Manuila Trinh will wow you with her incredible food experiences; if an attendee of your event isn’t already vegan, they will be after tasting her creations.

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The Réger Burger Foodtruck catering vegan street food on the streets of Berlin

11. Réger Burger Foodtruck

🏠 Address: Bouchéstraße 79a, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Burgers, hot dogs, poutine & fries, extras, English breakfast, drinks (hot, soft & alcoholic)
🍲 Food Services: Food truck, pick-up & delivery

Have you always wanted to put on your own festival in Berlin but don’t know how to keep everyone fed with delicious plant-based food? Well, now you can hire a vegan food truck for all of your catering needs! Wherever you decide to host your event, Réger Burger Foodtruck will come to you, bringing homemade burgers, hot dogs, currywurst, poutine and wild garlic pesto with them.

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Organic vegan finger food laid out on platters, waiting to be served at a wedding. There is a menu in the background

12. Kernvoll

🏠 Address: Samariterstraße 34, 10247 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Fingerfood, 100% organic, bio-brunch, organic sports nutrition, multi-course catering, zero-waste
🍲 Food Services: All sorts of vegan catering, plant-based vacations

The only caterer in Berlin to have their own collective agreement for very good working conditions, Kernvoll provides all sorts of catering, including events, business, film set, workshop, weddings, birthdays, buffets, professional athletes, multi-course, and drinks catering. 100% organic certified, you can be sure that your food will always be fresh and nutritious. Kernvoll has even established a vegan resort with rescued farm animals for holidays, education and events!

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An array of vegan food on a table, including dips, breakfasts, crackers, and raw desserts


🏠 Address: Florastraße 27, 13187 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Salad bowls, raw cakes & desserts, breakfast, lunch, spreads, cheeses
🍲 Food Services: Venue hire, pick-up & delivery, catering

TRIVITYS provides vegan food that is not only delicious but also gluten-free and free from added sugars! Despite this, their catering is always bursting with fresh and zingy flavors. Whether you are ordering their vegan cheese alternatives for your next cheese and wine night or marinated smoky carrot lox with buckwheat blinis and dill and cashew cream for your next catered exhibition, you won’t be disappointed.

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A bottle of prosecco with two filled glasses and a plant-based sushi burrito


🏠 Address: Parkstraße 2, 13086 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Sushi & burrito fusion food, drinks (soft & alcoholic), salads
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up & delivery, catering

Can’t choose between vegan sushi or burritos for your next catered event? Now you don’t have to! MOJEWA has created an incredible fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine to stimulate your tastebuds and give you something exciting to talk about! Surritos = the best of both worlds!

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 Plates of vegan appetizers

15. Krodi

🏠 Address: Goebelstraße 48, 13627 Berlin, Germany
📓 Menu: Bespoke, finger food, multi-course catering, desserts
🍲 Food Services: Delivery, catering prepared on-site

The expression “eat with your eyes” certainly holds true when it comes to food catering by Krodi. Shaped by intensive training at the Plant-Based Institute and from international cooking experience, Krodi’s Berlin vegan catering services are top quality! And the food isn’t just visually pleasing, it stimulates all of the other senses too.

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Caraveggi, a Berlin-based vegan caterer, presenting a plate of muffins during an online cooking workshop

16. Caraveggi

🏠 Address: Billy-Wilder-Promenade 43, 14167 Berlin, Deutschland
📓 Menu: Cakes & pastries, starters & main courses, buffet, street-food, fusion foods
🍲 Food Services: Pick-up & delivery, catering, online interactive cooking & baking workshops

With a dual heritage background and experience living in a multicultural environment, it’s no wonder Caraveggi serves such complex and delicious fusion food. In addition to catering, Caraveggi also started to offer online interactive cooking workshops during the pandemic. So, whether you’re looking for a vegan chef for private group events, such as work parties, or you’re hoping to organize a much-need virtual get-together with family and friends, then Caraveggi is the perfect choice!

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