The Ultimate Vegan Wedding Menu (Ideas for Your Caterer)

The Ultimate Vegan Wedding Menu (Ideas for Your Caterer)

05/01/2022Alice JohnsonAlice Johnson

If you’ve never planned a plant-based wedding before, you’re probably wondering:

“What do you serve at a vegan wedding?”

We get it, it’s intimidating enough having to choose a menu that is perfect for your big day, let alone one that your (probably non-vegan) guests will enjoy too. But don’t worry, because we’ve got a humongous list of ideas, from canapés to desserts.

Scroll down for a delicious dose of inspiration and prepare to start drooling!

Of course, if you choose a 100% vegan caterer (like the ones on VEGCRAVER), they’ll probably have tried and tested ideas of their own! Simply search for a caterer near you and click on the Request a Quote button on their VEGCRAVER profiles to start a conversation to discuss your vegan wedding menu ideas.


We like to refer to canapés as little bites of pure bliss. They’re a great opportunity to inject your personality and creativity into your vegan wedding menu and they give your guests a taste of what’s to come!

These miniature morsels can be offered out during those hunger-panging moments between wedding formalities and speeches, or served alongside champagne at the drinks reception to keep cravings at bay.

Stun your wedding guests with these flavorful plant-based appetizers:

- Vegan rainbow spring rolls

A tray of vegetable spring rolls as wedding appetizers. Photo credit Canva

Aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully fresh, spring rolls can be placed around the wedding venue along with numerous dips, such as this peanut sauce.

- King oyster satay skewers with spicy peanut ginger sauce

Are you sensing a peanut theme here? The great thing about these meaty skewers is that you can serve them drizzled in any kind of sauce, such as BBQ or teriyaki, which is great if you’ve got a wedding guest with allergies.

- Smoked carrot lox with capers and dill

Smoked salmon is a classic wedding canapé so why not simply veganize it by using carrot slivers instead of fish? Believe us when we say that this smoked carrot lox still packs a punch and will have your guests questioning why they don’t try to incorporate more vegetables into their diets.

- Vegan soysage rolls

A plate of vegan mushroom sausage roll canapés. Photo credit

The perfect accompaniment at a drinks reception, these soysage roll appetizers are packed full of umami flavor.

More vegan wedding canapés

Here are some more plant-based canapé ideas to send to your wedding caterer:

  • Beyond Meat sliders with caramelized onions
  • Rice crackers with mushroom pâté and olive tapenade
  • Peperonata pastry swirls
  • Mini spicy vegan quesadillas
  • Artisanal plant-based cheese and crackers
  • Seitan negimaki with hoisin marinade


Whilst the canapés will give your guests a teeny weeny taste of what’s to come, your starters are going to be what forms their first impressions of your vegan wedding menu.

It’s time to go big or go home with these incredible starters:

- Beetroot carpaccio with caper dressing

A beautiful wedding starter with layers of golden beetroot and a caper dressing. Photo credit:

Impressive yet effortless, a great vegan menu option for those of you with a tight wedding catering budget, particularly since you don’t need many additional ingredients. The wonderfully earthy and subtly sweet beetroot speaks for itself in this vegan beetroot carpaccio.

- Chilled cucumber avocado soup

This delightfully creamy avocado soup is perfect for summertime weddings! It’s like guacamole but refreshingly light, thanks to the cucumber and dill.

- Creamy vegan mushroom bisque

If any of you have watched Fantastic Fungi on Netflix, then you’ll know how mushrooms could be the key to saving the world! They’re also pretty awesome at saving your wedding guests from hunger, whilst delivering on flavor too. Here’s a delicious creamy mushroom bisque to inspire you.

- ‘Bacon’-wrapped mushroom scallops with paprika sauce

A plant-based scallop made from oyster mushroom and tempeh bacon, held together with a skewer. Photo credit:

We can’t tell you how much we want to go to a vegan wedding that serves these delicious scallops on their menu…we’re actually salivating thinking about them!

- Raw vegan lasagne with pine nut parmesan

Layer upon layer of delicious flavors, this raw vegan lasagne tastes and looks the part!

More vegan wedding starters

Here are some more mouthwatering starter ideas to send to your caterer:

  • Grilled aubergine tabbouleh
  • Carrot, orange, and avocado salad
  • Barbequed fennel with olive dressing
  • Vegan rarebit mushrooms with red wine dressing
  • Chickpea fritters with sriracha and plant-based yogurt
  • Tomato gazpacho with pine nuts and garlic croutons
  • Mexican charred sweetcorn soup
  • Vegan sweet potato gnocchi with chili and lime salsa
  • Roasted Jerusalem artichokes with romesco sauce
  • Potato cream with caramelized leek & saffron


These main courses are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests:

- Confit potatoes on homemade plum ketchup with fried shiitake mushrooms, yuzu radish, and parsley dust

Fine dining main course of confit potatoes and chanterelle mushrooms on a plum ketchup sauce. Photo credit MANA Food

These confit potatoes are a dish created by MANA Food, a Berlin-based vegan caterer available to hire on VEGCRAVER. Don’t they look divine?


- Individual nut roasts with cranberry sauce

Serve these delightful mini nut roasts with potato gratin or roast vegetables.

- Miso risotto with vegan egg yolk

A bowl of miso risotto with a vegan egg yolk and a ring of beetroot powder. Photo credit:

Fool all of your guests with this vegan egg yolk and jump away from risotto tradition with miso being the dominant ingredient instead of mushrooms.

- Italian-style roast cabbage wedges with tomato lentils

Soft and sweet roast cabbage with crispy, caramelized leaves served on top of a warming plate of tomato lentils. You couldn’t ask for a better vegan dish than this Italian-style roast cabbage for a winter wedding menu!

More vegan wedding main courses

Here are some more entrée ideas, in case you want further inspiration:

  • Harissa carrots and fennel with lentils
  • Moroccan veggie tagine
  • Creamy vegan mushroom and truffle pasta
  • Puy lentil and aubergine stew with vegan cream cheese
  • Barley risotto with marinated vegan feta
  • Pan-roasted portobello steaks with lobster mushrooms
  • Crunchy tofu tacos
  • Pastry parcels stuffed with tofu, lemongrass, and fennel
  • Swahili veggie curry
  • Roasted cauliflower stuffed with kale and chestnuts
  • Roast cauliflower, baba ganoush, spiced harissa, chickpeas & dukkah


Just when your guests think plant-based food can’t get any better, it’s time to wheel out the desserts! Here is a selection of some of the finest sweet treats to serve on your big day:

- Artisanal nut cheese platter with grapes and figs

Cheeseboard with plant-based brie and grapes served as part of a vegan wedding menu. Photo credit: Beba Baxter

We’re not talking VioLife here. Instead, why not create some jaw-dropping vegan cheese platters with fresh and dried fruit, chutneys, and fancy crackers? Just check out some of Beba Baxter’s fermented nut cheeses for inspiration (or hire her as your wedding caterer)!


- Sous vide pineapple with tropical sorbet and crushed pistachios

Stunning dessert dish with sous vide pineapple, tropical sorbet, crushed pistachios and topped with colourful edible flowers. Photo credit:

Mmm…we didn’t think pineapple could get any tastier! Ask your caterer if they’ve got a sous vide machine to make this sweet and sticky, caramel-infused pineapple dessert.

- Dark chocolate mousse, cocoa nibs, passion fruit, and chamomile

We had you at chocolate, right? Believe it or not, this rich chocolate mousse dessert is 100% plant-based and will likely be the most outstanding course on your wedding menu.

- Vegan pumpkin meringue pie

A vegan pumpkin meringue dessert. Photo credit:

Vegans can eat meringue too, thanks to aquafaba. This cute little meringue pie will have your guests guessing how eggs weren’t used to create such a mouthwatering showstopper.

More vegan wedding desserts

Here are some additional ideas for the dessert section of your menu:

  • Vegan espresso crème caramel with pistachio biscotti
  • Caramelized white chocolate and miso mousse with espresso tequila granita
  • Vegan tiramisu
  • Coconut white chocolate crème brûlée
  • Raw blueberry plant-based cheesecake bars
  • Salted chocolate tart
  • Rainbow macarons
  • Baklava custard tart
  • Mouthwatering vegan cakes

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